2006 Congress Papers

Session 1 ­ Population Flows and Immigration
Chair: Fernando Mata, Human Resources and Social Development Canada

Session 2 – Ethnic Demography
Chair: Barry Edmonston, University of Victoria

Session 3 - Demolinguistics
Chair: Zheng Wu, University of Victoria

  • Overview on the new Survey on the Vitality of Official-Language Minorities (2006)
    Louise Marmen
  • The Canadian section of the 2003 International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey: status of the situation among Official Language Minorities?
    Jean-Pierre Corbeil, Statistics Canada
  • Linguistic behaviour of Children living in official-language minority communities: preliminary analysis of data from the survey on the Vitality of Official Language Minority, childhood section
    Claude Grenier, Statistics Canada
  • Mother tongue shift in Canadian census language data
    Xiaozhou Wang and Charles Castonguay, University of Ottawa
  • PDF The State of Aboriginal Languages in Canada: Selected Demolinguistic Indicators
    Mary Jane Norris

Session 4 – The Changing Character of Cities
Chair: Alan Simmons, York University
Keynote Speaker: Guillermina Jasso, New York University
Discussant: Barry Edmonston, University of Victoria

Session 5 – Posters and Reception

  • Correlates of Persistent High Fertility and Prospects for Decline in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA): Macro-Level Considerations
    Dr. Hadgu Bariagaber, University of North West
  • Demography of Islands in India
    Sayeed Unisa, Mumbai, India, R.S Reshmi, Mumbai, India, Sucharita Pujari, Mumbai, India
  • Ethnicity and Reproductive-Child Health Outcomes in Low Income Groups: Evidence from India and its Constituent States
    Anil Kumar K, School of Health Systems Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences
  • Sociocultural and Geographic Disadvantages in Child Immunization in Nepal
    Prem Bhandar(1), Sundar. S. Shrestha(1) and Dirgha. J. Ghimire(2)
    1-The Pennsylvania State University and 2-University of Michigan
  • The “Welfare Trap”? Social Assistance, Unobserved Heterogeneity, and the Life Course
    Martin Cooke, Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo
  • A statistical analysis-to women empowerment: A case study of Bagalkot district
    Revati Deshmukh and Huilgol Pralhad, Baddalkit Karnataka College, India
  • Health indicators for areas with a high proportion of aboriginal residents in Canada: Methods for use with administrative data lacking explicit aboriginal identifiers
    Russell Wilkins, Sharanjit Uppal, Philippe Finès, Adam Probert, Statistics Canada, Jean-Marie Berthelot, Canadian Institute for Health Information, Eric Guimond, Sacha Senécal, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Session 6 – Fertility and Family Planning (part 1)
Chair: Don Kerr, University of Western Ontario

  • Abortion and Contraception in Cuba
    Danièle Bélanger, University of Western Ontario, Andréa Flynn, University of Western Ontario, Grisell Rodriguez Universidad de la Habana
  • Fertility Change and Its Proximate Determinants in Bangladesh
    Abu Hasanat Mohammad Kishowar Hossain,University of Dhaka
  • Impact of family planning on fertility and unwanted fertility level in Nepal
    Tika Ram Aryal, Hitotsubashi University
  • Status of Women and Fertility in Pakistan
    Ali Muhammad, Brock University and Rajulton Fernando, University of Western Ontario

Session 7 – Fertility and Family Planning (part 2)
Chair: Ravi Verma, Statistics Canada

Session 8 – Influences on Child Well-Being
Chair: Laurie Goldmann, Human Resources and Social Development Canadas

Session 9 – Health and Quality of Life
Chair: Russell Wilkins, Statistics Canada

Session 10 – Statistics Canada, the 2006 Census and the General Social Survey
Chair: Doug Norris, Environics Analyticss

Session 11 – Presidential Address and Awards
Chair: Rod Beaujot, University of Western Ontario
Honouree: Dr. Doug Norris

Session 12 – Measurement of Demographic Shifts
Chair: Gustave Goldmann, Statistics Canada

Symposium – Workshop on advanced analytical methods
Joint session with the Institute for Social Research and the CSAA
Chair: Mike Ornstein, York University