Joint CPS/PAA Session Call for Papers

Joint CPS/PAA Session Call for Papers:
Examining Alternative Approaches to Health Care Access

We are organising a joint session with the PAA at the upcoming CPS meetings in London, Ontario. The session description below has been sent to all PAA members. After discussing it with the session organiser, Gunnar Almgren, we decided to send it to CPS members as well. Abstracts may be submitted until February 15, 2005. Please send them to Dr. Almgren at the following address:

Session Description

To an increasing extent, the private health care market is being vetted as a large part of the solution to the ongoing problem of ensuring a reasonable and fiscally sustainable level of access to health care for all segments of the population.  Although the U.S. health care system has a well established private market orientation toward health care for the general population, the political viability of private market alternatives to federally sponsored health care programs for the aged and disabled is more recent. Among Western democracies that have long favored public sponsorship of health care, the growing acceptance of a larger private sector presence in health care represents a more fundamental shift in political philosophy. In this session, we seek papers that will contribute to the evidence-based discourse on the relative merits of public and private approaches to the sponsorship of health care -hopefully across different national contexts.

Papers that address the effects of private, public, or hybrid approaches to the provision of health care on specific population health outcomes are of particular interest.