2002 Congress Papers

Demography and Life Cycles
Chair: Bali Ram, Statistics Canada
Mortality and Morbidity
Chair: Isaac Addai, Lansing College, Michigan
  • pdf Lagged Effect of Childhood Mortality on Reproductive Behaviour in Ghana & Kenya
    Stephen Obeng Gyimah, University of Western Ontario
  • AIDS-Talk in Everyday Life: The Presence of HIV/AIDS in Informal Conversation in Southern Malawi, 1999-2001
    Amy Kaler, University of Alberta
  • Perception and Attitudes of Teenage School Dropout Mothers in Rural Botswana Towards HIV/AIDS
    Lesego T. Chalashika, University of Botswana
  • Cervical Cancer Mortality by Income in Urban Canada, from 1971 to 1996
    Edward Ng, Russell Wilkins, Jean-Marie Berthelot (Statistics Canada) & Michael K. Fung (Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre)
  • Maternal Mortality in Nepal: Unraveling the Complexities
    Juhee Suwal, The University of Alberta
Aboriginal Statistics (ppt) - Simultaneous Joint Session (Canadian Association of Geographers, Canadian Indigenous Native Study Association (CINSA) & the Canadian Population Society (CPS)

Co-Organizers: Evelyn Peters, University of Saskatchewan & Frank Trovato, University of Alberta
Chair: Evelyn Peters, University of Saskatchewan


  • Andy Siggner, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
  • Mary Jane Norris, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
  • Dan Beavon, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
  • Lorna Jantzen, Department of Canadian Heritage

Chair: Edward Shin, Statistics Canada
Discussant: Mark Rosenberg, Queen's University

  • An Application of the Push-Pull Model in Local Migration Estimates
    Zongli Tang, Auburn University
  • Spatial Distribution of Suburban Ethnic Businesses
    Eric Fong and Chiu Luk, University of Toronto
  • pdf Interprovincial Migration of Canadian Immigrants
    Barry Edmonston, Portland State University
Ethnicity, Immigration, and Health

Co-Organizers: Anneke Rumens, University of Toronto & Frank Trovato, University of Alberta
Chair: Anneke Rumens, University of Toronto

  • Double Jeopardy: Violence Against Immigrant Women in Canada
    Shiva S Halli and D. Brownridge, University of Manitoba
  • The Racial/Ethnic Distribution of Depression: Moderator Effects of Socio-Economic Status
    Zheng Wu (University of Victoria), Samuel Noh (University of Akron), Violet Kaspar (University of Toronto), Jiajian Chen (Statistics Canada) & Christoph M. Schimmele (University of Victoria)
  • Effects of Interpreter Services on Immigrants' Health Care Use
    Sharon M. Lee, Portland State University
Population and Security: Demographic and Political Insights - JOINT PANEL SESSION: The Canadian Population Society & Canadian Political Science Association

Co-Organizers: Frank Trovato & Yasmeen Abu-Laban, University of Alberta
Chair: Yasmeen Abu-Laban, University of Alberta


  • Alan Simmons, York University
  • Anthony H. Richmond, York University
  • Hellene Pellerin, University of Ottawa
  • Laura Macdonald, Carleton University
  • Christina Gabriel, Trent University
Aging and Health Interrelations - Canadian Population Society & Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association

Organizer and Chair: Andrew Wister, Simon Fraser University
Discussant: Julie McMullin, University of Western Ontario

  • Dual Model of Care: Complimentary and Conventional Medical Use by Older Adults with Chronic Illness
    Kristine Votova, Simon Fraser University
  • Ethnic, Immigrant, and Language Dimensions of Health Status and Health Care Utilization Among Mid-Life Canadians: Findings from the 1998-1999 National Population Health Survey
    Karen Kobayashi (University of British Columbia) & Steven Prus (Carleton University)
  • Mortality Among Long-Term Care Residents with Dementia: The Influence of Care Quality
    Colin R. Reid, University of Victoria
International Topics

Chair: Ravi Verma, Statistics Canada

  • Who is Worried About one's Future in Old Age? --Low Fertility and Old Age Support in China
    Jianye Liu, University of Western Ontario
  • Social Policy Reforms and Daughters' Schooling in Viet Nam
    Danièle Bélanger & Jianye Liu, University of Western Ontario
  • Women, Families and Intergenerational Change in Revolutionary Cuba
    Cathie Krull, Queen's University
  • Religion and Women's Contraceptive Use and Method Choices
    Baffour K. Takyi, University of Akron
  • Contraceptive Stratification in China
    Xingshan Cao, University of Toronto
Family Demography

Chair: Cathie Krull, Queen's University

  • Engendering Family Income: The Case of Dual-Earner Families in Montreal and Toronto
    Johanne Sanschagrin, University of Toronto
  • pdfThe Anchoring of American Families to their Homes and Neighborhoods
    Darcy W. Hango, Ohio State University
  • Cohabitation in Canada: Stability of Cohabiting Relationships and the Effect of Cohabitation on Marital Unions
    Ron Budinski, University of Alberta
Presidential address
Population Projections and Models

Chair: Shiva Halli, University of Manitoba

  • Population Projections of Registered Indians, 2000-2021
    Ravi Verma, Shirley Loh, Margaret Michalowski (Statistics Canada), Annette Vermaeten and Pierre Gauvin (Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development)
  • An Alternate Strategy for Generating Censal Estimates
    Rejean Lachapelle (Statistics Canada), Don Kerr (University of Western Ontario) & D. Morissette (Statistics Canada)
  • Stationary Population as Vision for the Future: An exercise in Normative Projection
    M.V. George (Statistics Canada & University of Alberta) and Anatole Romaniuc (University of Alberta)
  • Perils and Pitfalls of Aboriginal Demography: Lessons Learned from the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples Projections
    Don Kerr (University of Western Ontario), Eric Guimond & Mary Jane Norris (Indian and Northern Affairs Canada)
  • Diffusion Models in Demography
    Fernando Rajulton, University of Western Ontario
Population, Resources, and Sustainability

Chair: Eddie Ebanks, The University of Western Ontario
Discussant: T. R. Balakrishnan, University of Western Ontario

  • Analyzing Food Shortages: Classifications and Demographic Effects
    Alison Yacyshyn, University of Western Ontario
  • Are Declining Populations Sustainable?
    Tom Wonnacott, University of Western Ontario
  • Population Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Botswana and Ethiopia
    Hadgu Bariagaber, University of Botswana
Health and Reproductive issues

Chair: Tabitha Langeni, University of Botswana

  • Social Class and Malaria in Ghana
    Kwame Boadu, University of Alberta
  • Patterns of Knowledge of Breast Cancer and Breast Self-Examination Among Women in Botswana
    Serai Daniel Rakgoasi, University of Botswana
  • Religious Involvement and Maternal and Child Health in Africa
    Baffour K. Takyi (University of Akron) & Isaac Addai (Lansing College, Michigan)
  • A Study of Extramarital Relations in a South Indian Village
    Shiva S. Halli, University of Manitoba
  • Religion and Fertility in India - Experience of Two States
    K.V. Rao, Bowling Green State University

Chair: Gustave Goldmann, Statistics Canada
Discussant: John De Vries, Carleton University

  • Immigration and Low-income Trends in Canada, 1980 to 1995
    Feng Hou and Garnett Picot (Statistics Canada) & John Myles, University of Toronto and Statistics Canada)
  • PPT Who is Staying and for How Long: Re-Migration of Immigrants to Canada During the 1990s
    Margaret Michalowski & Claude Grenier, Statistics Canada
  • Trends in the Occupational and Earnings Attainments of Women Immigrants to Canada, 1971-1996
    Richard A. Wanner & Michelle Ambrose, University of Calgary