Session Descriptions

University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta
May 28-30, 2000

Sunday, May 28 - 9:00-10:30, Location TBA
Symposium in Honour of Anatole Romaniuc: Fertility

Organizers: Frank Trovato & P. Krishnan, University of Alberta
Session Chair: Frank Trovato
David Hall The Pure Relationship and Below-replacement Fertility in Canada
Lindy MacNeill and Zheng Wu Childbearing After Age 30
Roderic Beaujot Delays and Rapid Changes in Quebec fertility: 1860-1996.
Kevin McQuillan Family Structure and Remarriage in Alsace: 1750-1870
Susan McDaniel Enhancing Analytical Credibility in Fertility Research
Reem Attieh Structural Adjustment Programs and Their Impact on Fertility Determinants
Sunday, May 28 - 11:00-12:30, Location TBA
Symposium in Honour of Anatole Romaniuc: Aboriginal Population
Organizers: Frank Trovato & P. Krishnan, University of Alberta
Session Chair: P. Krishnan
Andrew J. Siggner The Impact of Ethnic Mobility on Educational Levels of Aboriginal Peoples
Shirley Loh, M.V. George Estimating the Fertility Level of Registered Indians in Canada: A Challenging Endeavor
Mary Jane Norris, Dan Beavon and Stewart Clatworthy Demography, Legislation and Ethnic Mobility: Considerations and Implications for Projections of Aboriginal Populations
Stewart Clatworthy, Mary Jane Norris, Dan Beavon, and Paula Saunders First Nation/Band Affiliation of Canada's Aboriginal Population Off - Reserve: An Analysis and Interpretation of 1996 Census Data for Selected Census Metropolitan Areas
Mary Jane Norris, Eric Guimond, and Paula Saunders One Hundred Years of Aboriginal Demography: An Analysis within the Canadian Context
Eric Guimond, Norbert Robitaille, Andrew Siggner, and Gustave Goldmann Ethnic Mobility and Demographic Growth of Aboriginal Populations in Canada, 1986-1996
Sunday, May 28 - 1:30-3:00, Location TBA
New Approaches in Estimating Demographic Phenomena
Organizer: Margaret Michalowski, Statistics Canada
Discussant: K.V. Rao, Statistics Canada
R. Lachapelle and D. Kerr New Demographic Approach to Population Adjustment
Nan Li and Shripad Tuljapurkar A Stochastic Population Forecast For Canada
Fernando Rajulton and Zenaida Ravanera Theoretical and Analytical Advances in Longitudinal Research
Fernando Rajulton and Zenaida Ravanera Multiple Levels of Analysis: Prospects and Challenges
Sunday, May 28 - 3:30- 5:00 Location TBA
Health and Mortality
Chair: TBA
Zheng Wu and Randy Hart Union Transition and Health
Edward Ng, C. Le Petit, W. Flanagan, J.M. Berthelot, and J. Maroun The Use of POHEM in Assessing the Health Impacts of Earlier Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer in Canada: An Evaluation
Juan Carlos Albizu-Campos Espiñeira Mortality and Survival in Cuba in the nineties
Monday, May 29 - 9:00-12:30, Location TBA
Kalbach Symposium:
Socio-cultural Dynamics of Canada's Population in the Wake of the 21st Century
Joint Session with Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association

Organizer/Chair: N. Lalu, University of Alberta
Hanh Hoang Tran Academic Achievement and Ethnicity in Secondary Schools: A Longitudinal Study. Rendement scolaire et ethnicité dans les écoles secondaires: une étude longitudinale
Feng Hou Neighbourhood Ethnic Transition and Socioeconomic Status in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver
Derrick Thomas The Family and Immigrant Adjustment
T.R. Balakrishnan and Stephen Gyimah Immigration and Gender Segregation in Occupations
Madeline Kalbach Interethnic Connections in Canada
Monday, May 29 - 12:30-1:30, Population Research Laboratory (Tory Building 1-62)
Light Lunch Reception
Host: Society of Edmonton Demographers & Population Research Laboratory
Monday, May 29 - 1:30-3:00, Location TBA
Labour Force, Occupation and Income

Chair: Tabita Langeni
Richard A. Wanner Trends in Occupational Attainment and Mobility in Canada, 1920-1994
Stephen Obeng Gyimah Immigration, Ethnicity And Labour Force Outcomes In Canada: 1981-1996
Charles L. Jones On Their Own Again: Sources of Income Inequality Among Unpartnered Divorced or Separated Women, 1985-1995
Monday, May 29 - 3:30-5:00, Location TBA
Annual General Meeting

Chair: G. Edward Ebanks, University of Western Ontario
Monday, May 29 - evening, Location TBA
Annual Banquet

Guest of Honour: David Foot, University of Toronto
Tuesday, May 30 - 9:00-10:30, Location TBA
Panel: Whither the Echo: Determinants and Consequences of the Relative Sizes of Generations

Organizer: Doug Norris, Statistics Canada
Ravi Verma Relative Sizes of Generations and Determinants as Seen Through Population Projections
Rosemary Venne Consequences for the Labour Force
Roger Sauvé The Future of Household Spending -- In with Dentures and Out with the Infant Wear
Ellen Gee Political Agendas: Overselling Population Aging
Tuesday, May 30 - 11:00-12:30, Location TBA
Panel on The Changing Canadian Family: Trends and Policy Issues
Joint session with Canadian Association for Research in Home Economics

Organizers: Janet Fast, University of Alberta and Doug Norris, Statistics Canada
Chair: Janet Fast, University of Alberta
Susan McDaniel, University of Alberta

Alanna Mitchell, The Globe and Mail

Margrit Eichler, University of Toronto and OISE

Tuesday, May 30, 1:30-3:00, Location TBA
Canada's Aging Population

Doug Norris, Statistics Canada
Alison Yacyshyn Housing Alberta's Seniors
David Foot and Rosemary Venne Awakening to the Intergenerational Crisis: A Content Analysis of Media Pension Coverage in Canada 1993-1998
Frank T. Denton and Byron G. Spencer Some Demographic Consequences of Revising the Definition of Old Age to Reflect Future Changes in Life Table Probabilities
Norah Keating The Demographic Imperative and Informal Care to Seniors
Tuesday, May 30, 3:30-5:00 Location TBA
Children and Youth

Organizer: Michael Bergob
Grisell Rodriguez Gómez Influences of Community on the Sexual and Reproductive Behavior of Adolescents and Their Expression in Demographics Variables
Teresa Abada Family Diversity and Children's Health and Well-Being
Jim Jackson York Region Private Schools Prepare for the Double Cohort
John Valentine Ethnic Youth
Darcy Hango Consequences of Childhood Residential Mobility: Findings from the 1986 Canadian General Social Survey
B. Ram, N. Montsion, and M. Moore Effects of Maternal Age on Child Outcomes