Session Descriptions

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
June 3-5, 1998

Canadian population policies
Organizer: Roderic Beaujot,
June 3 - 9:00 - 10:30 Pérez 121
Beverly Matthews The gender system, partnership dissolution and family policy
Andrew Siggner, Eric Guimond, Gustave Goldmann *Norbert Robitaille Aboriginal population characteristics: Are we informed by the aggregate picture
Anatole Romaniuc The age of demographic maturity and population policy implications
New Developments in Demographic Methods
Organizers: M.V. George, & T.R. Balakrishnan,
Discussants: T.R. Balakrishnan & K.V. Rao, Sociology
June 3 - 10:45 - 12:15 Pérez 121
Srimanta Mohanty Canada: Human development report 1997
Donald Schopflocher & Yan Jin Modeling fertility rates in Alberta and its health regions: 1986-96
Prof. Lalu, P. Krishnan Stochastic Population Projections
Shirley Loh, Ravi Verma, M.V. George, Edward Ng, M.J. Norris & Pierre Gauvin New Developments in Projecting the Registered Indian Population in Canada: A Review of Methods, Data Sources and Assumptions
Karol J. Krotki How the number of artificial Canadians increased: From 13 million to 14 between 1991 and 1996
Simultaneous and Joint Session (with Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Assocation): General Social Survey: Some Results and a Look Ahead
Organizers: Doug Norris
Chair: Monica Boyd
June 3 - 10:45 - 12:15 Room Simard 334
Doug Norris & Karen Kelly-Scott Overview of The General Social Survey
Richard A. Wanner A matter of degree(s): Trends in occupational status returns to education in Canada
M. Reza Nakhaie The effects of social origins on offspring's educational attainment, 1985 and 1994
Catherine Kaukinen & Sandra Colavecchia Public perceptions of the Canadian criminal justice system: Untangling attitudes toward the treatment of victimns and offenders
Consultation: Census 2001
Organizer: Rosemary Bender
June 3 - 1:30 - 2:30 Pérez 121
The results of the consultation for the Content Determination Project will be discussed: type of comments received, who were the participants, etc) and the results of the qualitative testing of May of 1997, the fall of 1997 and the winter of 1998. The content of the National Census Test (Oct 20, 1998) will also be presented.
Marriage and Families: I
Organizers: Pierre Turcotte & Doug Norris
June 3 - 2:45 - 4:45 - Pérez
Céline Le Bourdais, Ghislaine Neill & Pierre Turcotte The diversity of Canadian Women's Conjugal Trajectories
Zenaida Ravanera, Rajulton Fernando & Thomas Burch, Trends and Variations in the Early Life Courses of Canadian Men
Michael S. Pollard & Zheng Wu The Divergence of Quebec/Non-Quebec Marriage Patterns
Congress Thematic Session on Health: Morbidity/Mortality: Indicators of Population Health Status
Organizers: Edward Ng & Russell Wilkins
Discussant: Russell Wilkins
June 4 - 9:00 - 10:15 Pérez 121
André Lebel & Robert Bourbeau Mortality among the oldest old in Canada: Differential mortality patterns or poor data quality?
Judy-Lynn Richards Using a process-oriented framework to identify the determinants of mortality : A case study of elderly Canadian women
International Population Studies
Organizers: Carol Vlassoff& G. Edward Ebanks,
June 4 - 10:30-12:15 Pérez 121
Juhee Suwal A study of birth intervals in Nepal
Kwame A. Boadu Causal model of fertility in Ghana
G. Edward Ebanks Urbanization in Cuba
P. Krishnan Comparative demographic transition in four southern Indian states
Marriage and Families: II
Organizers: Pierre Turcotte& Doug Norris
June 4 - 1:30-3:00 Pérez 121
Monica Boyd & Doug Norris Changes in the Nest: Young Canadian Adults Living with Parents, 1981-1996
Margaret DeWit & David J. DeWit Natives' and Non-natives' relative risk of early parental loss due to marital breakdown : The roles of family background characteristics and adverse parental behaviours.
Roderic Beaujot & Tony Haddad The Productive activities of Canadian adults at mid-life: Family, work and children
Douglas A. Brownridge & Shiva S. Halli Methodological issues in the study of family violence : The utility of incidence versus prevalence rates
Annual General Meeting
Chair: Wayne McVey
June 4 - 3:15-4:45 Pérez 121
Demography of Occupation, Career and Labour Force
Organizers: Rosemary Venn & Fernando Rajulton
Discussant: Rosemary Venne
June 5 - 9:00-10:30 Pérez 121
Céline LeBourdais & Annie Sauriol The effects of changing forms of employment on the division of housework within Canadian families
Margaret Adsett Ethnicity and Economic Niches: An Analysis of the Integration of Immigrants into the Canadian Economy
Rajulton Fernando & Zenaida Ravanera Gender and cohort experiences of work histories: Evidence from the GSS 1995
Poster Session:Applied and Inter-Disciplinary Demography
Organizers: Madeline Kalbach & Warren E. Kalbach
June 5 - 10:45-12:15 Pérez 207
Jim Jackson Era Banner Readers' Behaviour: Shopping Locations and Habits
Madeline A. Kalbach, Warren E. Kalbach & Bridget Shannon Ethnic Diversity and Residential Segregation in Canada's CMAs
Connie LeClair Demography goes to Market: Using Census Data for Retail Site Location
Laurie Goldmann Homelessness: Who is at Risk?
Judith Rempel Calgary's homeless population: A profile of subgroups and their circumstances
Dialolgue Session: Job Preparation/Mentorship
Organizer: Michael Bergob
June 5 - 1:15-2:15 Pérez 121
Roderic Beaujot, Madeline Kalbach, Warren E. Kalbach, Connie LeClair, Wayne McVey, & Judith Rempel
International Migration and the Metropolization of Canada: Socio-Economic Implications
Organizers: Jacques Ledent & Bill Marr
Discussant: John Samuels
June 5 - 2:30-4:00 Pérez 121
Alain Bélanger & Jacques Ledent Role of immigration in shaping the distribution of the Canadianpopulation and metropolitan areas
Jane Badets & Linda Howatson-Leo Immigration to Canada's largest metropolitan areas: Results from the 1996 Census
Alain Bélanger & Jacques Ledent Recent evolution in the settlement and relocation patterns of new immigrants to Canada with an emphasis on metropolitan areas