Memorial University, St. John's, NF
June 9-11, 1997

The following is the final program of the Canadian Population Society, that was held as part of the Learneds Congress of Canada at Memorial University on June 9-11, 1997. To encourage further discussion around the papers that will be presented, links (where possible) have been provided to the abstracts, and e-mail addresses of the participants.

  Sunday, June 8 Monday, June 9 Tuesday, June 10 Wednesday, June 11
8:30- . Opening Panel:
The Year 2016
(Stout & Lachapelle)
Health and Morbidity
(Chen & Ng)
9:00- CSAA Joint Session
Population Aging
10:30- Poster Session:
Applied Demography

(Kalbach and Kalbach)
11:00- Lunch Meeting:
Census 2001 Consultation
(P White)
11:30- Lunch
Bucharest to Cairo and Beyond
(Laing and Ebanks)
Immigration and Settlement
(Ram and Pendakur)
1:00- CPS Council Meeting
1:30- Estimates and Projections II
(Kerr and Verma)

Estimates and Projections I

3:30- .
4:30- . Annual General Meeting
5:30- President's Reception
6:00- .
6:30- CPS Dinner

Opening Panel Discussion/Plenary: Canada 2016

Organizer: Cameron Stout, Demography Division, Statistics Canada & Réjean Lachapelle, Demography Division, Statistics Canada
June 9 - 8:30-10:45 - AA 1045

Panel Participants:
Rod Beaujot, Sociology, University of Western Ontario
T.R. Balakrishnan, Population Studies Centre, University of Western Ontario
Madeline Kalbach, Ethnic Studies Chair, Sociology, University of Calgary
After the initial remarks by the panellists, the Plenary session will be an informal discussion regarding various demographic changes which Canada can expect in 20 years time.


Census 2001 Consultation

Organizer: Pamela White, Census Division, Statistics Canada
Participants should pick up a take-out lunch. Beverages and pastries are supplied.
June 9 - 11:00-12:15 - AA 1045

Planning a census begins well before Census Day. This is why before each census Statistics Canada asks data users and other interested groups what types of census and post-censal survey information they need. The goal of the consultation is to ensure that Statistics Canada takes account of emerging social and economic issues and where appropriate, uses the census and post-censal surveys to shed light on them.

At this session, Statistics Canada would like to initate the 2001 Census and post-censal survey content consultation by informing CPS members about the 2001 Census consultation and testing schedule. The Consultation Guide will be available on the Statistics Canada internet site by early May, 1997. Conference participants are invited to participate in this consultation session as well as provide a written submission to Statistics Canada.


Bucharest to Cairo and Beyond

Organizers: Lory Laing, Public Health Sciences, University of Alberta and G. Edward Ebanks, Sociology, University of Western Ontario
June 9 - 12:30-2:45 - AA 1045

Panel Participants:
Michael Shenstone
Michael Vlassoff, United Nations Population Fund
Karol Krotki, Sociology, University of Alberta
Rod Beaujot, Sociology, University of Western Ontario
G. Edward Ebanks, Sociology, University of Western Ontario
Lory Laing, Public Health Sciences, University of Alberta


Estimates and Projections I

Organizer: Robert Riordan, Demography Division, Statistics Canada
June 9 - 3:00-5:15 - AA 1045

Ravi Verma, Shirley Loh & M.V. George Fertility Trends and Projections for Census Metropolitan Areas, 1986-2016
Sylvain Rémillard Medicare file and Canada Post Change of Address File as a Source of Data for the Population Estimation Program: The Current Situation
Don Kerr & D. Morrisette Applications of Demographic Analysis in the Evaluation of 1996 Census Results
Cameron W. Stout & Jeanine Perreault Population Size and Age Structure of Nunavut, 1986-2016
Junjie Zhang & Rod Beaujot Determinants of Re-Employment Probability in Canada: Competing Risks Analyses between Full-Time and Part-Time Employment


President's Reception

June 9 - 5:30-7:00 - Main Dining Hall - R. Gushue Hall, Paton College

Joint Session with Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association: Population Aging

Organizer: Ingrid Arnet Connidis, Sociology, University of Western Ontario
Discussant: Julie A. McMullin, Interdisciplinary Group on Aging, University of Western Ontario
June 10 - 9:00-10:30 - ED 1001

Ellen M. Gee & Neena L. Chappell Receipt of Assistance: Chinese Community-Dwelling Elders
Karen Kampen, & David Cheal Economic Constraint Among Senior Citizens
Leroy O. Stone The Importance of Cohorts in Assessing Implications of Population Aging


Poster Session:Applied Demography

Organizers: Warren Kalbach, Sociology, University of Calgary and Madeline Kalbach, Ethnic Studies Chair, Sociology, University of Calgary
June 10 - 10:45-1:15 - AA 3017

Melinda Mills A Comparative Socio-Economic Analysis of the Metis Settlements of Alberta
Jim Jackson The Mature Community College Student: Needs and Expectations
Raymond W. Pong Changing Sex Compostion in the Canadian Physician Work Force: Implications for Health Care
Alice Peters Canadian Children in the 1990s: Selected Findings of the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth
Margaret DeWit, M. Sahota, M. Vermani, B.G. Embree and D.J. DeWit Natives' and Non-natives' Relative Risk of Early Parental Loses: The Roles of Family Background Characteristics and Parental Substance Abusers
Madeline Kalbach Assimilation and the Altar: Canada 1991


Population Estimation and Projection II

Organizers: Don Kerr, Demography Division, Statistics Canada and Ravi Verma, Demography Division, Statistics Canada
Discussant: Eric Fong, Sociology, University of Toronto
June 10 - 1:30-4:15 - AA 1045

Réjean Lachapelle & Ronald Raby The Demographic Estimation Program: Achievements and Challenges
Jacques Ledent Estimating a Population's Age Structure from Past Fertility and Mortality Patterns
John Kralt Estimating Changes in Canadian Diversity
Mary Jane Norris The Impacts of Demographics and Legislation on the Future Size, Structure and Composition of the Aboriginal Population in Canada
Hui Wang & Zheng Wu Third Birth Intentions in Canada


Annual General Meeting

President: Wayne McVey, Sociology, University of Alberta
June 10 - 4:30-6:00 - AA 1045

CPS Dinner

Organizer: Judith Rempel, Community Strategies Department, City of Calgary
June 10 - 6:30-9:00 - TBA

Health and Morbidity

Organizers: Jiajan Chen, Health Statistics Division, Statistics Canada and Edward Ng, Health Statistics Division, Statistics Canada
Discussant: T.R. Balakrishnan, Population Studies Centre, University of Western Ontario & J. Rao, Population Studies Centre, University of Western Ontario
June 11 - 8:30-11:30 - AA 3017

Margaret L. DeWit, Bryan G. Embree, & David J. DeWit Determinants of the Risk and Timing of Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use Onset Among Natives and Non-Natives: Similarities and Differences
George Parakulam and Yan Jin Socioeconomic Correlates of Life Expectancy Among Health Regions of Alberta
Parameswara Krishnan Patterns of Disability in Canada
Gerry Hill, Jean-Marie Berthelot & Wayne Millar The Entropy of Disability-Free Life Expectancy in Canada
M. Acharya Chronic Social Stress and Emotional Well-being: An Analysis of Mental Health of Immigrants in Alberta


Lunch Break

June 11 - 11:30-12:30

Immigration and Settlement

Organizers: Bali Ram, Demography Division, Statistics Canada and Ravi Pendakur, Ottawa, Ontario
June 11 - 12:30-3:30 - AA 1045

Derrick Thomas A Cluster Analysis of Ethnic Attachment among Immigrants
Tina Chui Immigrant Participation into Politics: The Role of Ethnic Organization
Eric Fong, K. Shibuya, M. Lam, & C. So The Determinants of Return Migration
T.R. Balakrishnan & J. Rao Language Maintenance and Language Shift Among Selected Immigrant Groups in Canada, 1971-1991
K.G. Basavarajappa Living Arrangements of Elderly Immigrants in Canada: Selected Aspects
Gustave Goldmann Measures of Identity and Acculturation Among Ethnic Groups in Canada